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  Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking

Feb 26 11am-2pm 

Simple energetic methods to shift your thinking in a moment  

We all know the importance of positive thinking, but sometimes it is easier said than done. In fact, it often seems like shifting your thinking is almost impossible.  How many times have you found your mind focusing on the negative? Well, that happens to all of us, but unfortunately, it can easily mean getting stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, frustration and anger.  And what’s frustrating about that is that you know how important it is to be in an attitude of appreciation, but you sometimes just cannot seem to get there. 

You no longer have to continue suffering.  Debilitating negative emotions have enslaved you long enough!!! In this workshop, Colby assists you to sense and direct your energy field to IMMEDIATELY adjust your attitude, mood and perspective. 

This is NOT the usual self-help claim of “change your thinking, change your life.”  Instead, it is much more fundamental and much more powerful. By learning to shift your energetic field, you shift your thinking and mood with ease! 

Colby gives you 5 practices to assist you access a higher state of consciousness regardless of what you are facing or experiencing. 

The tools are easy to learn and their impact can be life changing! The result: you can dance with grace in any circumstance.

Here is What’s covered:

White Tornado of Light: Quiet down—and even silence—the negative voices in your head.  Cleanse your field of unwanted multi-dimensional energies so you can raise your personal vibration anytime, anywhere.

The One Point: Learn and experience the peace that can come from placing your attention in your body.  Release trauma and enter into greater well being.  You can do this one wherever you are!

Soul’s String:  Connect with your Soul by putting your attention on an energetic structure that connects you to your sole body.  Experience the excitement of being consciously connected to your true essence.

The Law of Domain: Invite the power of the Law of Domain into your energy field to clear your energy of unwanted thought forms. Multiple dimensions of the energy field are cleared and grounded!

• Discover your Auric Egg. In this exercise, the mysteries of sensing your aura are finally resolved. Create a cocoon of calmness around you and reap the benefits of an upgraded vibration. Added plus—this is a fun yet very practical way to recreate your aura so you can more easily claim your own space.

BONUS: Learn how to experience the wondrous place of Divine Stillness. You’ll find what it sometimes takes meditates years to get to by invoking the powerful tool of No Mind.


Date and Time: Feb 26 11am-2pm 

Location of Workshop: 2 Glistening Pond Place, The Woodlands, TX 77382

$50 Early Bird available till Feb 11th

$85 Regular Price 

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