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About Colby

I have been educated in a variety of methods that strive to change behavior, but it was through spiritual healing that I changed the core of who I am.

My desire to change behavior began early. At six years of age, I was diagnosed with a severe learning disability. My disability was so severe that my family was concerned that I would never be able to live on my own. While I wanted to learn like “normal” kids, I thought of myself as a “moron” who had no future because I could not read or retain academic information.

Through concentrated effort and support, I eventually learned how to read and process academic information; however the “moron” label stuck to my very core.

In adolescence, my self-esteem problem was compounded when I realized I was gay. I was afraid of a part of who I was and what it might mean to my family, friends and schoolmates. I hid my sexuality and sublimated my energy through high school and into college, graduating with honors from the University at Albany.

I became fascinated about how people make sense of the world. I wanted to understand how people made themselves happy—probably because I wasn’t. I earned my Masters degree from NYU and went on to run award-winning programs that were proven to change behavior of at-risk youth and which were featured in a PBS documentary on leadership. I trained people how to recognize their feelings, discharge hard emotions and communicate their feelings.

Even though I was finally experiencing success, I was no happier. I was still dissatisfied with myself and life and there seemed to be no way of shifting my perspective.

I assumed the answer to my unhappiness was through goal achievement; I would reshape every aspect of my life and become the man I wanted to be--through effort. I studied and became a life coach. I received training from Landmark, the Stozzi Institute, the Human Potential Project, and the Handel Group. These programs helped me learn how to help people figure out what they truly want, how to recognize their excuses, and how to build a strategy to attain a dream.

The combination of coaching and counseling seemed unstoppable. Clients were doing better—they felt powerful. Their lives looked different—more money, a new house, and my ambition and confidence increased. I bought a house and was earning more money. While I found my accomplishments exciting, satisfaction still eluded me.

Like my clients, I still believed my past more than the evidence in front of me. I was still a moron no matter what success I experienced. I still had to work harder than everyone else. Life was characterized by struggle, hardship and dissatisfaction.

I went on to study with several gurus and teachers, and read countless self-help books. Still, not much changed.

It was when I started doing spiritual healing work that the foundation of who I am changed. I was no longer depressed, anxious or angry. Transformation occurred. The core of who I am changed. I no longer had to fight or struggle. I opened and my relationship to life shifted to one of profound amazement, sacredness and wonder.

I now work on multiple levels with multiple modalities to resolve, change what seems unchangeable and heal what seems unhealable. I have received training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Theta, Matrix, Nine Dimensional Healing, Quantum Healing, Pat Field's and Lynda Ceasara's work.

I learned what I learned to get out of my own pain—some of which I did not even know I was in. I did not imagine there could be so much richness on the other side, but there is. Life can be good. Really. Please come join me!

Colby is a rare find. He has impeccable boundaries, clean energetics, gets an A+ in compassion and has a wicked sense of humor." 

Jan Kinsey
Web Developer, Waiter and Healer
Seattle, WA

"Colby is hilarious and fun.  He is knowledgeable teacher and and ego less healer."

Alisa Syllng
Life Coach and Healer
Seattle, WA 

"Colby is absolutely present.  He may push you to work on yourself, but does so gently and with wonderful humor.  He is wonderful combination of being honest and direct while being loving and supportive.  He is good at leaving his ego at the door and is remarkably gifted.  I feel safe to unfold with him."

Pat Owens
Edmunds, WA

"Colby's humor and lightness create an environment where the deepest and heaviest inner work is done with grace and ease.  His attitude makes it easy for you to learn to trust yourself."

Dhyana Nancy White
Edmunds, WA