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Healing Addiction through Spiritual Healing

Alcohol, food, sex, marijuana, or other substances can numb whatever you do not want to feel. In short, two things initiate use: boredom and pain.  You were bored and sought adventure or you were in pain and did not want to feel.  

Healing Addiction

Once addicted it may not be so easy to quit.  Reasonable arguments may not work, since addiction is not reasonable. It is a short term solution to what seems a daunting undertaking: a life without a crutch.   

In many cases,  people who have an addiction come from families with addiction. Mom may be a pill popper, a daughter can be a weed smoker and a son can be an alcoholic. The wiring in the brain is the same, making family members prone to addiction, although the substance among members can vary.  By examining the energetics of the family, I can be led to where to release/recover energy from the family line.  This can assist a client to get out from under the hold of a substance or behavior.  

"I was drinking a 1/5 of scotch every day for the last 3 years.  I went to see Colby a few times and then it happened.  I was done!  I was just done!  It has been months and I feel great!" 

Karly Smith
Seattle, WA 

When we ask an addict to take hold of themselves and to stop themselves, it may not be so easy.  In many cases, the substance a person is addicted to has a spirit.  That spirit needs to be removed from a person's field in order to lessen the cravings for the substance or behavior.  

Some addicts have self destructive programs that when lifted can result in relief.  Buried feelings come to the surface: rage, grief, sadness, etc.  And with these feelings come limiting beliefs that can be replaced with more powerful ones.  

"Thank you for helping me to get to the deeper issues of my eating problems.  I feel a lift in my overall mood and feel better feelings about myself.  It does not seem like a hopeless situation any longer."

Lori Damhorst
Seattle, WA 

Many addicts need the addictive substance to feel like they can get through the stress of life. For instance, in order to be social, feel comfortable, or go to sleep, Ben must have a drink in his hand. Karen must smoke weed to relax. New habits to sooth anxiety must also be learned.  By guiding clients through energetic practices that relax and calm them, clients can learn to manage their moods and become more independent of substances and addictive behaviors.

"My whole family is addicted to alcohol. When we hang out we drink.  Colby and I  worked on my addiction. Over time alcohol felt different to me.  With his help I gave up alcohol for a year and in the process let go of a lot of pain."

A. R.
Program Manger and Student
Seattle, WA 


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