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Align with the Divine
Date 11am-6pm
Seattle, WA

Sync up wih the Order of Everything and reap the benifits of purpose

We all have a purpose in this life. It is our birthright!  When you live in the Energy of Alignement, it is clear what is yours to do. Purpose creates balance, harmony and joy. When you live in this energy you feel directed, motivated and synchronicity is commonplace.  Life is filled with wonder and awe.

Trauma, major or minor, can block your sense of a secure self with thick patterns of energy.  Unresolved trauma can result in: limiting ideas of who you are, a tendency to gravitate toward addictive habits, and adoption of unhealthy coping strategies.  This may be the cause of you to being less than full of your essential nature and may be blocking you from receiving and acting on your True Calling.

In this session with Colby, you’ll sync with the Everything and surrender attachments to suffering. You will release unproductive habits stored in our field as coping strategies and rework triggers that can cause you to loose focus on what you are here to do.  You’ll make room for Divine Co-creation. Experience yourself moving more directly into doing what is yours to do. Welcome back to Alignement

What’s covered: 

Surrender what has been holding you hostage!  Those “must haves” to happiness cause suffering.  Release “needy” energy.  We can exert tremendous energy in false directions.  Rid yourself of resentments and experience remarkable uplift and empowerment.

Release unhelpful shielding. Some of us have experienced shock, trauma and horrible events.  As a result, you may have built up a psychic armor in hopes of protecting yourself, but that armor can actually be harmful because it can prevent you from receiving from the Universe. Make room for the powerful Energy of Purpose to take its place. Get a Direct Activation and Healing.

Invite yours Soul’s Eye into the body and upgrade your connection to your Soul. Refine and deepen your connection to your Soul by inviting your Soul’s Eye to burn away what is in your body that is out of alignment with the Energy of Purpose.

Restore your field to its natural, ecstatic state. Experiential Healing.

Invite the Energy of Alignment into your life so you can take your place in the Universe and do what is yours to do. Activation and Integration. 

Details for Align with the Divine

Date and Time: Date 11am-6pm 

Location: Seattle, WA

$165 Early Bird 

$205 Regularly

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