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Healing Couples through Spiritual Healing

As a person who can sense and see energy, I can observe when a couple connects and see what triggers a couple to disconnect. I can pick up on what is below the surface impacting a relationship, a marriage, a family. 

I am able to help couples and families communicate what has not been addressed in a way that improves their connection and/or their romantic lives.  Couples are trained to communicate their needs and desires honestly and with compassion. They learn how to sense and shift the energy between them to improve their alignment and move through problems and challenges with greater ease. 

"Thank-you so much for what you do - I wake up often at night, amazed that I and my husband are both so happy to be married to each other. We are both so excited and curious about our future, for the first time in about 5 yrs. What a gift!! I'm just starting to understand what's shifting for me individually - good, juicy changes that I didn't even know how to ask for in the first place. Some of the changes are so fundamental that I don't even recognize that I'm behaving differently until I think back and remember that I wasn't angry, afraid or stuck."

Danielle Lowinger
Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

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