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Embody Your Soul
Feb 28 11am-6pm in The Woodlands, TX

Gain practical skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment. Reap the fantastic rewards of being here now.

Have you ever noticed that the truly inspired seem more “full” and at the same time are more spacious?  These powerful beings are “embodied.” They are more present in the moment, more capable of manifesting powerfully. Why? Because the Now is the only place where true power and bliss reside. 

But if you are living in the future, worried about what might happen or what should happen—or conversely, if you are reliving the past—then you are separated from your very power to create and experience life’s richness. 

There are many reasons for losing the power of the Now. A trauma, whether recent or experienced a long time ago, might be holding you back. You might have a nagging sense of not being complete somehow, of even feeling like you are somehow a fraud or “not right.” Such feelings are common, and they short-circuit our ability to experience life, plus they damage our self-esteem and can wreak havoc on our health.

The good news is that we can stop that short-circuiting.  In fact, many of us have beliefs that the body and this plane of existence are not safe strangling our ability to function as a Powerful Creators.  You can enter back into your Power by gaining 5 practical energetic skills to call and encourage yourself to embodiment.  Reap the fantastic rewards of being in the here and now.

What’s covered:

Activation for Embodiment. Gain help staying in your body with the Activation for Embodiment. You’ll learn how to manage yourself more powerfully when you encounter stress or fear.

The Chalk Tracing. Trace parts of you with chalk through the Multiverse and reclaim the parts of you that may have split off due to trauma. Gain the benefits of greater multidimensional connectivity. Direct Activation and Integration.

Collecting your Marbles. Fill yourself with you by Collecting Your Marbles. If you have ever had the sense that you have given yourself away or lost yourself this practice can bring you more into wholeness. Get a Direct Activation and Healing.

Planting yourself in the Earth. Upgrade your ability to receive Earth energies by planting yourself in the Earth. This practice allows you to feel the benefits of being grounded without feeling trapped or stuck. 

Closing Portals and Doors: Increase your psychic boundaries by closing and sealing portals and doorways to other realms that should never have been opened! Experience a Healing Activation and Integration.

Calling yourself into the body: When we reject aspects of our bodies that we don’t like, we can unfortunately make room for other’s energies in our own energy system. Clear other’s energies out of your body as well as their negativity! Claim your own space.  Powerful clearing!

Improving your grounding by planting yourself: Engage the power of this planet to assist you to feel at home here and now. Receive Earth energies and activations.

Get familiarized with the Earth “bowl” or “plate.” Some of us just don’t ever feel very grounded. But that can change.  Incorporate an energetic structure into your field to increase your ability to ground with ease. Complete Activation and Integration!

Details for Embody Your Soul
Date and Time: Feb 28 11am-6pm


Tamborrel Office, P

arkwood One Building,

10077 Grogan's Mill Rd. Suite 475, 

The Woodlands, TX 77380

$165 Early Bird available till Feb 11

$205 Regularly

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Thats $295 for both workhsops! 

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