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Access Your Intuitive "Gifts" 

We are all born with intuitive "gifts".  Some are more prone to be more psychic, some have a greater ability to run healing energies, and still others with more of an ability to access higher realms.  Sometimes these "gifts" are readily accessible, so much so they can be overwhelming, while for others they are dormant and require encouragement.  

What Keeps You From Your Intuitive Gift?

Those who can not access their "gift" may have beliefs that keep them from fully accessing it.  These beliefs can be subconscious and carried in the genetics of the person.  The person seeking to unlock their "gifts" may come from a line of people who got killed for their ability to access information and healing energies.  The trauma of these family members may be locked in the field of the person seeking to be more intuitive and may need to be cleared to unlock their "gift".  Common beliefs that can be changed are:"If I am psychic I will get killed." "It is wrong to be intuitive." "If I am a healer everyone will want something from me."  By changing these unresourceful beliefs, intuitive "gifts" may be more easily accessed. 

"I now know I can receive guidance.  I can connect with the non physical realms."

Linda Luster
Seattle, WA

People who pursue their intuitive "gifts" tend to be sensitive- even over sensitive. They feel deeply even feeling other people's feelings. This can produce "psychic overload". The overload of energy shuts down the person. If being in a large crowd of people, lets say in a mall, exhausts you, you may be over-sensitive. If you have had too much stimulus, trauma can result. Trauma in the energetic field does not allow a person to access the fullness of their gifts, since access would create more stimulus and thus more trauma and thereby endanger the body.  By energetically moving trauma out of a person's field and teaching a person how to manage their personal energy their intuitive gifts may re-open.  And for the person whose intuition is overwhelming he/she can learn to navigate the input of stimulus so they can receive information without taking on others "stuff" 

"Colby taught me how to access my own gifts as a healer. I had no idea I had a tool for healing that was native to me. He did not teach it to me—he released me to it. I have been using “my gift” and have been getting amazing results."

Alisa Syling
Coach and Healer
Seattle, WA

"I experienced the divine! Wow! I know how to go directly to God and I know when I am there! Wow!"

Jody Knighten
Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

How to Open to Your Intuitive Gifts

You may want to set up a phone or in person session to work with me privately. Click here to set up a private session.  

Or you may want to learn about Theta Healing, a modality that opens people to being a healer. Click here to learn more about Theta Healing.

Or you may be a healer, trained in a method or self taught and have a desire to amplify your results while increasing your own wellness. Click here to learn about about the Mentoring for Healers program.

"Thank you for guiding us into our deepest connection with pure love."

Stacy Witt
Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Mom
Seattle, WA