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My Approach

Healing your emotional and physical body happens in a remarkably simple yet profound manner. I help you reconnect you to truth—the truth of who you are. By taking you out of this reality to point to where you originated—into a realm of oneness where the laws of duality do not exist—you gain an experience of yourself as whole and complete.

What could not be healed heals. Limited thoughts are replaced by resourceful thinking. Illness, physical discomfort and emotional dysfunction fall away and you are left knowing and moving towards the highest vision of yourself and your life.

Your true, joyful nature becomes you.

This is not to say people do not heal through traditional therapies. They can. But the process I have adopted uses something else. I use the spiritual body to heal your emotional and physical body. I use a variety of methods and techniques, including Theta Healing, that you can learn about by clicking here.

Beware: I am probably not what you would expect as a healer. I am not New Age, have never played hackie sack or worn my hair in a ponytail. I worked as a mental health counselor and life coach. Although I succeeded in helping clients improve their lives, I became a spiritual and theta healer to shift what seemed unchangeable—the very core of a person.

To learn how to prepare for a session, click here.

"Colby has earned the title of 'Healer.' He blends modalities effortlessly to produce truly remarkable transformations. I always know that I am really ready for change and ready to access higher levels of truth when I make a choice to work with Colby. He gives me nothing more than his absolute presence and guides me on my path. He may not know where we are going to begin, but the flow and continuity of all tells such grace and purpose. Colby is a blessing to me and everyone who is fortunate enough to work with him."

Maryann Munroe
Sumner, WA

 "Colby Wilk is an amazing, extraordinary, gifted healer. His knowledge is far-reaching, outstanding and otherworldly. He works on so many different paradigms simultaneously. A true genius of the craft of healing on all levels."

Marina Rose
Healing Arts Facilitator, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor
Los Angeles, CA

A Typical Session

I do not heal you. Rather, the healing comes from the Creator, God, your soul, your higher self, or simply truth. I help you connect to that healing source.

A typical session lasts up to about an hour. We will start with a conversation about what you want out of the session, whether it is to heal your broken heart or broken toe, or to access your higher self.

A session does not need to take place in the same physical location. It can take place over the phone because what takes place occurs outside of space and time.

You may feel a range of feelings during the session. You do not have to experience pain or relive trauma to heal at the same time, many clients expereince emotional release. The healing may take several days to fully integrate.

I ask you to keep your attention in your body during the session.  An easy way to do this is for you to breath deeply and keep your attention in your belly on your breath.  Consider that energy follows attention so if your attention is in your body, it is more likely the energies will move into your body- creating real change.

Many clients experience spiritual sensations, or what is often called “energy.” Some have full-blown experiences with the divine or other high energies. They become aware of higher aspects of themselves, gain insights, and have safe kundalini experiences.

We may go to visit your higher self, another dimension, a Law, a Master, Angel or other Light Being. There is healing available throughout the Universe. Regardless of where we go, I ask your permission at each step.

We can set an anchor to the energetic resources you experience in your session so that anytime you wish you can shift your field into a more grounded, centered and balanced state.

You learn how to work on yourself so you are not dependent on me. You learn how to be your own teacher and how to remove blocks that keep you from an affirming perspective of life and of yourself. You will leave the session feeling peaceful and relaxed, or sometimes excited and energized, but you will always leave with a deeper sense of yourself.

It can be a good idea to be able to take a short nap after the session to assist with integration as well as to eat whole, natural foods. Increasing your intake of water will help with the detoxification as your body adjusts to its higher vibration.

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