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Love Yourself Into Love

Date  6:30pm-9:30pm

Practice techniques to bring yourself into greater love with you.

How much you love yourself equates to health, prosperity and well being. Love is the doorway into transformation and healing. When you are in love, everything is better, sharper, juicier.  Love makes everything better!  But you don’t need to wait to fall in love with another to be in the Energy of Love.

In this workshop, Colby shares with you techniques you can use to bring yourself into greater love with yourself. You will actually feel the warm embrace of love.  And the results are almost immediate!

Learn to access the energy of love in your everyday life and witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve.  Synchronicity becomes commonplace, and ease becomes you.

What’s covered: 

Receive Theta Healing downloads and become open to receiving more love. Unblock yourself from fears associated with receiving love.

Learn to open and close your heart.  Receive more love by learning to open your heart wider.  Reduce moodiness, depression and anxiety. This is an Energetic Practice you can use any time to feel better

• Blocks to love can stem from poor or inattentive mothering. Call upon the Blessed Mother and receive mothering that can heal deep family wounds.

Receive a Rose Healing enabling you to more easily receive love without fear. This is an especially effective tool to transform your mood.

Plus, get a Direct Energetic Activation, which can assist you to open yourself without fear to the Fabric of Life. Receive the love that you have not felt safe enough to receive.  This one is a tidal wave!  You can feel this one’s impact almost immediately!   You will be glowing


Date and Time: Feb 27 6:30pm-9:30pm  

Location: Seattle, WA

$50 Early Bird

$85 Regularly

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