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Healing Phobia through Spiritual Core Healing

People with phobias want relief.  A phobia is an intense and persistent fear of certain things, situations, activities, or people. They try to avoid the feared subject at any cost.  People with phobias can feel helpless to change their situation. Their often irrational fear  can and sometimes does control their lives.  Phobias can be so severe that they interfere with daily life impacting an individual's relationships, job, and home life. When a phobia strikes nausea, headaches, dry mouth, chills, vomit and sweat can become companions.  

Where Phobias Come From

Phobias can be seen as an anxiety issue.  It seems that certain objects like snakes, snails, and spiders have a predisposition to generate fear while other times objects like flowers and feet don't seem as emotionally loaded, but can still impact some.  Sometimes, public speaking, interviewing for a job, meeting a new person for a date can cause a phobic response. 

Many point to a traumatic experience in childhood that linked an object to overwhelming fear, a sense of helpless, sadness, shame, etc.   When a person experiences the trigger, the anxiety response is initiated.  The amygdala in the brain releases hormones into the body that puts the body into an "alert" state.  They are ready to move, run, fight, etc. This defensive "alert" state is referred to in psychology as the "fight or flight response".

Core Spiritual Healing for Phobias

When someone comes to me with a phobia, I look at their energy field.  Often I notice an imbalance of one kind or another and attempt to clear it.  Karma, energy blocks, psychic hooks all can play a part. But more often,  a phobia can be resolved by going back to the event that triggered the fear, in this life or another. 

Clients are gently guided to descend deeper into their body to uncover lost or forgotten responses to events that instead of being experienced they were shuttered away.  Physical expressive movement can allow the body to finally release the expression that has been trapped in the body.  Once released, often times the charge to the object associated with the phobia looses its hold over the person. 

"My son was constantly picking his nose.  He could not stop.  I brought him to the doctor, the acupunctorist and my yoga teacher.  Nothing helped. He was afraid something may be in his nose that would cause him to choke and suffocate.  He was constantly making sure the passages were clear.  Around the family it was one thing, but he was starting school and I did not want him to be known as the "nose picker".  

We had several sessions with Colby and then it happened. Colby asked my son if he wanted to pick his nose again.  My son looked at him and he thought for a moment and said, "I don't think so."  It has been months since our sessions with Colby and my boy has not picked- not once. I am thrilled.

Dusty M. Miller
Seattle, WA 

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