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Healing Physically through Spiritual Healing

Physical illness can have many causes. Genetics, the environment, poor diet and nutrition, lack of exercise, stress and worry can all contribute to an illness. The longer a person's health is compromised, the greater their worry about ever returning to a normal, healthy life again. 

Theta healing can unlock the root causes of illness and dysfunction. Subconscious beliefs can be revealed and replaced with resourceful ones, shifting the consciousness and thus the body into health and wellness.  By reframing the matrix of the field of the client, stress and emotional causes of the illness can be alleviated.  


"My neck is better!  It went from 45% functionality to about 85%!  Sometimes, I find with energy work the effects are strong and  fade over time- but this is holding and it has been months!"

Lindsey Swope
Owner of Skalitude Retreat Center
Twisp, WA 

"I have had a sore hip problem for 5 years and no one could figure it out. Colby figured out the nerve was frayed and was shooting pain down my whole left back side, I felt much needed relief and I can now better feel my feet!"

Bonnie Bergman
Massage Therapist

"In the Embody Your Soul Intensive, I learned and was reminded of how to be in my body.  You revealed practical energetic skills to keep myself embodied.  Your coaching helped me to know when I am in my body and when I am not.  Wow"  

Pat Owen
Writer, Editor and Agent
Seattle, WA 


As children many of us were not encouraged to express our dissatisfaction.  Sharing our anger, negativity and desire met with little welcome.  We were trained to take on a persona to get along, be liked, be accepted.  The complaining child may have learned  to keep his/her discomfort to himself/herself to be liked.  The child who was "over emotional" may have learned to remove themselves from their feelings and focus on being a great accomplisher to win their parent's approval.  The child who did not experience unconditional love learned to entertain others to get validation and attention  These children removed themselves from their feelings and in so doing lost contact with a part of themselves.  Some even started believing the mask they put on to protect themselves.  They were the accomplisher, the optimist, the entertainer even to themselves. 

Through Core Spiritual Healing people can be helped through an intuitive process to return to their core essence. Clients are guided to remember who they were before they took on a persona.  Through specific physical exercises clients release stuck energy held below the mask. Rage, negativity and loss can finally be felt and let go of.  As a result life force is restored and health returns.


"Thank-you for helping me to get to the deeper issues of my eating problems.  I feel a lift in my overall mood and feel better feelings about myself.  It does not seem like a hopeless situation any longer."

Lori Damhorst
Seattle, WA 

"I was really sick for weeks. I was run down, ache and feverish. The change was immediate. I felt well! It has been two weeks since the healing and I still feel great and I am less fearful about the future."

Kathie Brodie
Hypnotist and Baggage Handler

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