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Healing into Prosperity

Along with other factors like Karma, your consciousness plays a role in how you experience the world.  What you think and feel plays a role in how your realty takes shape.  The places where you are stuck we look to your mindset as a cause.  Regardless if it is: relationship, career, health,etc.

For some, we look at where they left parts of themselves behind, this life or another.  For some, it was when they were abused, dying unexpectedly or had a monumental loss that did not get dealt with.  The list of causes is long.  These pieces need to grieve and be reintegrated.

Others have fallen into bad habits assuming the worst after years of hardship and suffering.  For them, I teach energetic practices that helps them to reshape their own consciousness to be more balanced and grounded so that whatever they are facing they can do so from a more resourceful place.  The more centered, balanced and grounded these folks become the more their reality begins to change.

My business was not moving, no clients on the calendars, we didn't even have repeat customers.  It was really scary because we had just moved into a new location.  After seeing Colby in just one session , the very next day I had 2 new clients and we've been busy for weeks afterwards!!! Thank you so much Colby for cleaning my space allowing for that flow of abundance.  You totally rock!

Lita Israel Chung
Pharmacist Weight Loss Consultation
Seattle, WA

"I have experience some wonderful shifts with Colby.  I feel "unblocked" in my energy and in my flow of abundance. I'm attracting quality business partners and helpers and moving forward faster in my goals and projects.  Clients are paying me on-line.,  They are even pre-paying.  I suddenly have hundreds of dollars coming from completely unexpected sources!"

Kate Phillips
Total Wealth Coach
Carnation, WA 

"I saw Colby and my client load went up three fold in one week."

Karen Abrams
Singer and Energy Healer

"I went to Colby and after I got motivated. Some how after seeing him I was finally motivated to do what I had been procrastinating about. The results have been amazing."

Even Moss
Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

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