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Spiritual (Self) Mastery

October 20 and 21 2018 from 1pm to 6pm

North Seattle, WA

Learn to navigate and direct your energetic field to move beyond long-standing emotional blocks and negative thinking.  Improve your energetic boundaries, ground and sense your connection to your Highest Self.  Receive energetic transmissions and a tool kit of energetic practices.  Become a Master of consciousness by learning to direct your energy field into a super state of well being.

In the first part of the workshop, learn how to better attend to your Self.   By bringing your attention into your body you increase your "felt sense,".  You learn to recognize when you stay with yourself and when you abandon yourself.  By gaining a sense that you are safe in the body, you rest into Presence - the seeding ground of miracles.  And as you become less scattered, you begin to incorporate more of your Essence in the body. As a result, you have greater strength of Spirit, purpose, and flexibility to change.

In the second part of this workshop, Colby teaches how you can become better at connecting with Helpers and your Higher Self, and maintain your sense of Self in the physical plane.  He shows you how to increase the amount of otherworldly support by having you correct the energetic geometry in your field.  You reap the benefits of a larger, more connected support team: greater trust in the unseen, less fear of the unknown and more self-confidence.

You'll learn how to direct your Field to sync into alignment with the Everything.  Experience the profound benefits of moving out of ordinary consciousness and into the support of the ever flowing, ever changing Everything. In alignment, what is yours to do is made clear. You may open to an awareness of your place in the Universe and as a result, reap the benefits of harmonious, balanced, egoless action.

The human species is being asked to evolve into an elevated Vibration. This is an opportunity to open and shift your Energy to bring forth your highest potential--to step deeper into Spiritual Self Mastery. You'll come away new tools and an upgraded energetic matrix in which to manifest a truer, body-centered relationship with the Divine.

Some of What’s May be Covered:

  • Accessing ancestral knowledge left in our DNA by your Aancestors.  Your Aancestors knew how to bridge through realities to receive support.  Learn easily and quickly how to access your birthright to be supported by your helpers.
  • Merging with your higher Self to upgrade your energy system into a new level of well being.  Be more of you by bringing the larger YOU into your body.
  • Increase the size of your support team by bridging through the multi-dimensions.
  • Aligning yourself with the Galactic Sun so you are in harmony with the new paradigm the Earth is moving into.  Direct Activation, Healing Integration.
  • Overcoming low mood by learning to feed your energy Field.
  • Clearing unwanted clutter out of your Field.  This easy to access exercise can be used everyday to advance your wellness.  
  • Surrender what has been holding you hostage!  Those “must haves” to happiness cause suffering.  Release “needy” energy.  We can exert tremendous amounts of energy in false directions.  Rid yourself of resentments and experience remarkable uplift and empowerment.
  • Release unhelpful shielding. Some people have experienced shock, trauma and horrible events.  As a result, you may have built up a psychic armor in hopes of protecting yourself, but that armor can actually be harmful because it can prevent you from receiving from the Universe. Make room for the powerful Energy of Purpose to take its place. Receive a Direct Activation and Healing.
  • Invite your Soul’s Eye into the body and upgrade your connection to your Soul. Refine and deepen your connection to your Soul by inviting your Soul’s Eye to burn away what is in your body that is out of alignment with the Energy of Purpose.
  • Restore your Field to its natural, ecstatic state. Experiential Healing.
  • Invite the Energy of Purpose into your life so you can take your place in the Universe and do what is yours to do. Activation and Integration. 


Dates October 21 2018 from 11am to 6pm

Location: North Seattle , WA

$249 Early Bird Rate due September 22

Regularly $350

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