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  Pat O releases trauma and neuophy is alleviated
  Bridget Q moves from lost to found
  Lara M  moves out of depression into joy
  Sherman B gains clarity of purpose
  Linda G gains insight and strength

I was referred to Colby by a friend who had taken a few of his classes. I had a long history of depression, anger, sadness, frustration, self hatred, and obsessive thinking. A couple of years ago I did many sessions of neuorfeedback, which did give me a breakthrough on depression, but I still had long periods of out of control sadness, anger and self hatred. Growing up my Dad was an alcoholic and I had some deeply ingrained thought and emotional processes. Instead of alchohol, I used food to avoid to avoid facing emotions, many of which I did not really understand how I got stuck in.  I've had a breakthrough of clarity and happiness, only to have negative emotions come over me like a flood: I was literally spending weekends in my bed for over a year.  I finally got to the point where I was so stuck that I cold not do anything more to help myself.

Right around my 45th birthday I had my first session with Colby.  During my first session which was over the phone- with my eyes closed I could see streaks of energy swirling around.  Colby spent nearly the whole session clearing emotions.

It was for me an almost immediate relief!  I experienced a quantum release of negativity.  Of course, I wanted to do another session and scheduled in two weeks.  

My second appointment I remember crying the whole time because a layer of sadness came up that I could not work through on my own. Colby was able to expertly release the sadness and it has not returned!

I knew I had more issues to deal with so I signed up to do 6 sessions.  Every two weeks I would go through the process of Colby clearing negative emotions and thoughts, then 4-5 days of shifting energies, then within a couple of days another deep issue would surface, and I would be ready for another session. 

Every session Colby was  able to hit on exactly the right thought or idea or emotion and he would release it or add "good"energy to me. I remember one session  Colby was able to speak to my Dad in the spirit work (My Dad dies in 07) and he was  to get my Dad to release his presence in me.  That was a huge improvement for me.  After another session my heart blew wide open- something I had never experienced before.

It has been 3 months since my last session with Colby and I can honestly say that I have NEVER sunk back into the deep negativity that I had before our sessions. I have been able to manage my emotions and thoughts on my own! I have had more spontaneous happiness than I have experienced in many years, and I keep getting more balanced overall. 

Colby was very compassionate with me and I felt loved and accepted the whole time.  He followed up with me after every session to make sure that I was processing the changes well on every level.  Colby's work is amazing!  His work has changed my life for the better and I am very thankful for his skills, giftings and love

Lori Damhorse
Monroe, WA

"I received results from our session!  I was extremely fatigued and weak to the point of having trouble doing even minor tasks.  I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and adrenal exhaustion. I have been working for months to shift my health and have been getting nowhere.  After our session I felt much stronger and less tired.  I am now doing a full day's work including building and digging garden beds.  Just amazing!  You were so right on in your insights.   I have waited for months to see if this healing would 'stick' and it has.

Therefore, I recommend Colby as a highly accurate intuitive and skilled spiritual healer.  This was a WOW experience with WOW results."

Deborah McGlauflin
Digital Designer
Medford, Orego

"I've been seeking wellness for a long time and I have tried many modalities, but could not overcome a sense of being unworthy , sad and helpless.  I felt that I had failed and did not deserve another chance.  Then I found Colby's website.  Healing minutes were like a divine ZAP and his blog a course correction for my perceptions.  So....I had a session with Colby, and in one hour, Colby accomplished more than I had in years.  Sometimes we need help, and for me, Colby is the best, with his gentle humor, kindness and open conduit for Grace."

Joe Clevenger
Consultant and Musician
Arlington, WA

"After a session with Colby, I experienced significant relief from a neck/back shoulder issue that had been bothering me for a couple of years.  I had tried massage and acupuncture with no effect.  The interesting thing is that I went to see Colby for something completely unrelated, but when checking my energy field during the course of the session, he came across stuck energy and asked if I was ready to let it go.  When I said, "yes", I could feel the effect pretty immediately!  I am happy to say the pain that was bothering me for years has not come back and it has been months!" 

Lindsey Swope
Owner and Operator
Skalitude Retreat Center

"I have had traditional therapy for 4 years and I have have tried many healing modalities- I have been around looking for answers for some time.  Seeing Colby was on of the best things I have ever done for myself!  I have been recovering from the deaths of 8 people I loved who died in a 17 month period- that is a lot of loss.  In addition to that, I have been recovering from sexual abuse and a narcissistic mother.  Many of my family and friends have walked away from me leaving me crushed and incredibly isolated.

In two sessions with Colby I was able to neutralize my feelings towards my mother and let go of fear in my life. What Colby related to me in our sessions was mind blowing!  What he shared shed light on my situation that I could not see accurately.  More importantly he was able to help me heal and feel good about who I am and where I am going.    I highly recommend Colby to anyone and everyone who is struggling with grief, abandonment and sexual abuse issues."

Thorn Thomson
E-Learning Coordinator
Vashoin Island, WA 

"I was married to one of the top healers in the US for 17 years and now that I am divorced, i have had a hard time finding a practitioner that compares.  A friend who knows my dilemma recommended Colby and I went to see him...I was BLOWN away!  His work is powerful, very deep and extremely expansive. He "looked" into my being and with the help of healers across the "veil", he moved things that have been causing me difficulty for years.  It is not easy to describe his work, as it is energy work, but i experienced GIGANTIC shifts in the core of my being, in my head and throughout my body.  This was not mild energy moving; it was monumental.  While married I was constantly around healers of every kind, the best of the best and Colby resides up there with the greats! Better yet, his work is humble  It is refreshing to experience his stepping aside and letting the healing come through him, rather than from him.  I highly recommend him to you and your loved ones .  He is my healer of choice from here forward."
Saphir Lewis
Clinton, WA
"We had a session over a month ago - which was ausome.  One of the tings you encourgaed me t do was to contact a half brother( that I had never met...I was adopted) and that we would be able to heal through connecting.  Well, to make a long story short, we connected today and it was incredible!  What a wonderful connection."
Nancy Hellstrom
Seattle, WA 

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop with you.  I received processes from you that I have been using each day to expand and enhance my relationship with Spirit.  In the class, your guides helped each of us with one of our goals.  My neck had been bothering me and my goal was to heal it in your class.   Your guides provided awesome therapeutic touch that healed my neck.  Incredible!"

Cindy Hill
Owner and Director
Mystic Mountain Retreat
Monroe, WA  

"For the past 25 years, I have been struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Overwhelmed by the severity of my struggles I sought help from various physicians, therapists, and ecclesiastical advisors.  While some of my symptoms where managed for a time under their care, I still struggled.  In my work with Colby, I came to experience my spirit healing my body and mind. A remarkable transformation has occurred.  For the first time in my life I have hope.  I have become acquainted with the beauty that is my higher self.  The holes in my soul caused by tragedy and grief have been healed.  I am overflowing with love and strength."

Travis Jeremy
Project Manger
West Seattle, WA

"There is quite a shift after our session.  There is a new person walking around in my body.  My mind is not consumed with worries, instead I am able to put my attention on what I would like to happen. I am back in the space I used to be in where I was able to watch life unfold intentionally."

Julia Hill
Office Manger
Seattle, WA

"I have experience some wonderful shifts with Colby.  I feel "unblocked" in my energy and in my flow of abundance. I'm attracting quality business partners and helpers and moving forward faster in my goals and projects.  Clients are paying me on-line.,  They are even pre-paying.  I suddenly have hundreds of dollars coming from completely unexpected sources!"

Kate Phillips
Total Wealth Coach
Carnation, WA 

"I was in search of someone to help me through some challenging life transitions - I felt stuck. Colby was able to guide me through the areas that I was aware of but more importantly was able to put me in touch with my stumbling points sitting well below the surface that I wasn't aware of. He assisted me to identify conscious and unconscious beliefs that didn't serve me and then changed them on a very deep level as a Healer. He assisted me to set life changing goals and be accountable. To my surprise, I made the transition from being stuck to moving forward very swiftly."

Roberta de Vera
Advertising Production Manager
Seattle, WA

"I have experienced more internal and spiritual growth in the last month with Colby than I did in a year of therapy ten years ago. The beauty of our work together is that Colby sees things in me as they come up, without me even verbalizing them. Each appointment I walk away with new ideas, experiences and tools to practice and grow between visits. I could say that our work together is life changing, but it is more of a life awakening."

Angie Pifer
Nutritionist and Owner of the Nourished Body
Kirkland, WA

"I knew that you were a powerful guy, but your work was truly astonishing and immediate! I feel so much better, and feel that some major shifts are still taking place. After cutting off contact for years and feeling resentful, I called my x-partner and he and I are going to have dinner to talk about healing the relationship and ourselves. My outlook shifted, my thoughts are clearer and my body feels cleaner. Wow!"

Richard Jessup
Body Worker
Palm Springs, CA

"Colby's ability to 'see' all parts of me, from my physical structure to my emotional and mental makeup, coupled with his insightful recommendations for next steps, created a sense of deep trust. He truly impressed me with his ability to create a bridge to my Higher Power. The calm and joy I experienced through this process has stayed with me for many weeks. Because of my time with Colby, I am better equipped to move through the challenges that I face just being alive. Thank you, Colby."

Kathy Clayton
Kathy Clayton Coaching
Seattle, WA

"Colby has helped me to feel spiritually reconnected and the emotional healing has been huge! I feel like each time we work, I release pounds of baggage and emerge with renewed perspective on my life. The healing has been deep and I am eternally grateful for his pure and authentic gift. Thank you Colby!"

Yiska Obadia

"I feel so different. I can feel what is what like to be connected to my home energy, to the earth and to God. I know this is a tool I will use for the rest of my life."

Cynthia Chomos
Feng Shui Consultant
Seattle, WA

"Colby gives me the deepest access to myself. You could say that one of the channels is energetic, but his art/gift is given on many levels, even cellular, to have me ground myself, trust myself, and look from a true/pure space. It is worth every bit of the ride."

Denise Spatafora
Author of
Childbirth Without Fear

"I am really happy with the work I have done with Colby. I got noticeable results right away as opposed to having to wait weeks or months. I will continue to work with him to resolve certain issues and achieve certain goals, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in seeing improvement in any area of their life."

Mark Dickenson
Seattle, WA

"I have found Colby to be an incredible presence and dynamic partner in my healing. I have walked out of his office feeling tremendous love, for myself and those I am most challenged by. He is gentle yet direct, which both strengthened and comforted me. I consider working with Colby a great gift I give myself."

Wendy Platt
Seattle, WA

"Thank you for helping me to find light through darkness when it was most difficult for me to believe it exists. I appreciate your compassion, vision and direction. I am eternally grateful to you on all levels."

Stacey Witt
Seattle, WA

"Colby continues to provide me with opportunities to change my life. He challenges me to be honest and accountable, supports me with his insights and personal experience, and confronts me with compassion and understanding."

Steve Cable
Former Public Recreation and Aquatics Program Manager
Eugene, OR

"I have been on an aspirational path for a couple of years. I still felt like I was missing something, or not quite getting it, to truly make everything happen. You really gave me clarity in what my part in this is, and what I need to do. I am psyched at where my life is going."

Karen Calara
Physical Therapist and owner of Next Step Physical Therapy
Seattle, WA

"I always like to talk to Colby before a vacation. I don’t know how or why it works but it does. After a session I am relaxed and refreshed and grounded and I know I can take myself back there. He makes sure I actually relax for my vacations and use them to rejuvenate. Without my session it’s likely my vacations would cause more stress than joy and even make me sick! Thank goodness he gets me rooted to my intention of deep peace, and it works."

Laurie Gerber
President of the Private Coaching Division of the Handel Group

"I've explored Reiki, Rocky Mountain Mystery School and Barbara Brennan modalities. Theta Healing offered me everything I was looking for; a way to heal, talk to my guides and activate my DNA. Colby is great at Theta Healing. He's patient, compassionate, fun, knowledgeable and right there to support you all the way."

Lara Michaels
Professor of Mathematics
Seattle, WA

"I'm not spinning myself into circles wondering what decision to make. I am happier, lighter than I have ever been. It is such a huge shift. I am less influenced by the wishes of others and focused instead on what feels right to me."

Julie Jones
Sales Executive
Seattle, WA

"Working with Colby is the greatest personal investment you can make. His healing is instantaneous and truly miraculous. I leave each session with a profound sense of clarity, calm, growth and direction- and the tools to continue making shifts outside of his office. I have been in a relationship with an incredible man, changed jobs and went back to school to pursue my dream. Thank you, Colby, for sharing your incredible gift. It is an honor to do work with you."

Anneke Robertson
Marketing Executive
Seattle, WA

"I experienced the divine! Wow! I know how to go directly to God and I know when I am there! Wow!"

Jody Knighten
Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

"I was really sick for weeks. I was run down, ache and feverish. The change was immediate. I felt well! It has been two weeks since the healing and I still feel great and I am less fearful about the future."

Kathie Brodie
Hypnotist and Baggage Handler

I don't know what you did to me!  You shifted or removed something unconscious within me that has bothered me for a long time.  An aspect/pattern of happiness within me.  I have been unable to move forward: unable to consider remarrying and indulging in alchohol more than I am comfortable with.  You have definitely tapped into part of me that i could not do alone.  You addressed things that go back to my childhood - some of which i remember.  You have re-shaped how I perceive and how I personalize.  Thank you!
Brian Coal
Project Manager
Bellevue, WA
Colby Wilk is absolutely phenomenal!  He gets right to the core of your issues quickly, compassionately and with a very gently love and kindness.  He is his genuine authentic self which encourages me to open up. I highly recommend him for healing on all levels. and as a teacher and mentor.  my life is changing with grace and ease with his help."
Robin Ritter
Business Owner
Seattle, W